Hello to all 14 of you who visit here periodically,

I’d just like to add a few links here.

These links will allow you to view the photos of all the shirts I currently have. I have the pics posted on my Facebook account. I just have not had the time to move them all over here.

These links should allow you to view the photos even if you are not on my friends lists.

I’m posting these just so people can see that I’m serious and actually do have these things.

I’m also doing it as I’m down to very few shirts left and without help from the public around the world, I will have a much harder time getting closer to the goal.

Here they are folks:







For those who haven’t seen them, enjoy the photos.

After seeing them, if you think you can help with anything from the Wanted Gallery, please contact me here.

Some help seeing the photos I do have

Believe it or not, I do have some photos up on this site. 28 nations have photos up to be exact.

I’ve added a new Photos column on the Eric’s Collection Page. If you put your mouse over Eric’s Collection up top you get a bunch of other options in an menu. Eric’s Collection is itself an option.

If you see “Yes” in the new Photos column then I have pictures up of at least one shirt from that country. If you see “No” there is no photos up yet.

The “Have” column is how you tell if I have shirts from a country or not. Check mark means yes, X means no. If you can’t see those two things it means you are using some dumb version of Internet Explorer that can’t display Hex Code and are thereby hurting the internet.

Stop using IE and stop hurting the internet!

Please, won’t somebody think of the internet!

An Amazing Shirt Shopping update. Just in time for the Christmas Season.

There are several great shops out there if you are a football shirt collector. This one however, you should not miss.

The reason I’ve chosen it for the inaugural listing is because there are shirts here that I would have killed for 2 years ago.

Let me make this perfectly clear. If you are a collector of national team football shirts, there are shirts you will need and won’t find anywhere else in this shop.

The prices are good and very fair given the rarity of the shirts. I’ve seen some of these same shirts sell on eBay for 3x or more than what they are for sale for here.

On top of that you get very reasonable shipping from the U.K. I personally have purchased hundreds of things from the U.K via eBay as well as this shop and have always received my items quick and safe.

So here you go lads, enjoy:

Football Shirt World