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Once I realized I was into this collection and there was no turning back, I decided to start looking on the internet for others doing the same thing.

And find others I did. Luckily, it seems several psychiatric hospitals allow patients the use of a computer and access to the internet :).

Here are some of the resources I use most frequently:

  • National Football Team Shirts
  • If you collect, or intend to collect, national football team shirts, this site will become as holy a tome for you as it has for me.

    This Japanese website (don’t let the Japanese part scare you off as there is an English and Spanish Index for country names)contains images of national team football games. This is the ultimate way to verify a shirts authenticity. Besides being given a shirt hot and steaming of the back of a player at a national stadium, this is the next best way to make sure a shirt is real. Match what you see against the pictures contained here that are collected from various news sources around the world. The pictures usually have dates so you can tell what season a shirt is from.

    As someone who has lived in Japan, studied Japanese history, culture and language, I have to say it should come as no surprise to anyone that such an amazing collecting resource comes from Japan. The Japanese work extremely hard at everything they do. This even applies to their hobbies. This website is proof of that. When the Japanese decide to go in for collecting anything, they are among the most dedicated and fanatical you will ever find. This level of commitment has made this by far the most valuable resource and site of its type that I have yet found.

    To those that run this site: Gambatte ne! Domo arigatougozaimasu! (BTW, I hate Romaji)

  • This was often my first step in any verification. If the shirt was here, it at least means other collectors have it. That’s a good first step.

    This site allows people to post pictures of their shirts and nicely organizes them by National Team shirts and Club shirts. Another really cool feature of this site is when you are looking at a certain team’s shirts there is an area at the bottom showing the results of an eBay for that team.

    I found both the pictures and the eBay search results it to be an invaluable resource.

    The only slight problem with it is that people often misidentify what year or season their shirts are from.

    However, this site is a great starting point and must for any collector.

  • Football Shirt Culture
  • This is a great site to network at. There is a forum where you can meet other lost souls, discussions about football and football shirts at all levels of the intellectual ladder. From fashion points of view, to Preston and Blackpool fans calling one another wankers, its all there. This site often has breaking news about new kit releases that I find very useful.

  • My-Football Jersey Collectors

    This is probably the ultimate collectors forum. These guys are nuts and I love them. The love their jerseys, which more than one aptly refer to as “poisons”, and if you really want to have a serious collection these Malaysian fellows can help. And help they will try. Membership is open to people all over the world and its a great and fast way to develop contacts in far away places where their local shirt could be your exotic dream come true.

    To the MY-FJC lads, look back in your archives you will find me there when I started with my poisons. Sorry it took me so long to get this site up.

    Ok, that last bit has really got me thinking I need help.

  • This site may very well be tied with National Football Shirts in terms of value and general awesomeness of content. Drawings of every national team shirt you can imagine, contact information on the football associations, and football in every country on earth. You better not still be reading this you should have clicked on that link by now.

    In case you are still here, you get all the most useful elements of and all this and with an interface that I find better than FIFA’s webpage.

    To those who run that page. Thank you! Excellent work.

  • Getty Images
  • This is a news wire/stock photo type image archive site. National Football Team shirts and other sites of that kind often grab images from here. Its still worth a look as no site catches everything so you may find images you find useful or just plain cool.

  • Eric

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    Some useful stuff there, thanks Eric. I’ve joined up at the JC forum, those guys have some strict rules! But they seem to really know their stuff. Looking forward to getting involved!

    Thanks for your attention to detail, it’s a brilliant site you’ve got here. It’ll be even better with some pictures 😉

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